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Masaki Hagino 萩野 真輝

Painting / Installation

Contemporary Painting Artis based and works in Japan and Germany.  2011 BA Nagoya City University, Japan. 2019 Diploma Burg Giebichenstein University of Art, Germany. His conceptual paintings are created by the representation of subjectivity on multiple layers.

日本とドイツを拠点に活動するコンテンポラリーアーティスト。 2011年 名古屋市立大学卒業。2019年 ブルグ・ギービヒェンシュタイン美術大学(ドイツ)にてディプロマ取得。彼のコンセプチュアルな絵画は、多層的な主観性の表現によって生み出される。

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Masaki Okuten 奥天 昌樹


Painter currently based in Tokyo.
2012 BA College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, Japan

 Okuten’s painting process is to control the properties of both oil and acrylic and apply it layer by layer. By using shaped canvases as part of the composition of the paintings, Okuten’s works give the viewer a sense of presence as an ‘object’ rather than a usual painting which hangs on the wall.



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